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Vocational Rehabilitation

Services to guide those with a physical or mental impairment with vocational assistance for the purpose of integration or reintegration into the workforce consistent with the individual's strengths, resources, priorities, concerns, abilities, capabilities, and informed choice.

Advanced Career Education Ltd is a Registered ACC Provider for:

Initial Occupational Assessments

The IOA is an assessment to establish work types that a client is able to pursue after an injury or illness when they maybe unable to return to their pre-injury or illness work. The assessment takes into account the individual's employment history, education, skills and experience. Following the assessment a report including the identified job types is sent to the Referrer.

The staff at Advanced Career Education have the qualifications and experience to perform this thorough and significant assessment with regards to the Clients rehabilitation and future direction. The assessment usually takes between 1 and 1½ hours and can be completed at a variety of locations.

Vocational Independence Occupational Assessments

The VIOA is an assessment reviewing the vocational services provided to a client and considering the suitability of types of work previously identified for the client in the IOA. Clients are eligible for a VIOA when they are no longer able to work in their pre-injury role and have been deemed by ACC to have received all the necessary rehabilitation services.

Referrals from Accredited Employers and Insurers are welcomed and can include services beyond those listed above such as:

Vocational Assessments

Similar to an Initial Occupational Assessment (IOA). The purpose of this assessment is to identify a number of alternative work types that may be suitable for you or your Client based on their employment history, education, skill base and interests.

A full report is provided outlining vocational history, training, range of skills and any vocational barriers which may be preventing you or your Client from obtaining paid employment. The identified work type choices detail not only the reasons that the role has been chosen but clear strategies as to how the client may best progress to that particular work.

This service is suitable for Clients that may be unable to return to their positions due to injury or illness or for those that are unsure on the next step of their career future. It is an ideal way of engaging the client to start thinking about options, gaining confidence in their abilities and generating new ideas.

Normally only one appointment with the client is required (1-2 hours) though at times a follow up phone call or further meeting may be necessary.