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Career Planning & Coaching

Through regular appointments this service will assist you to determine and achieve your career goals.

Topics covered may consist of looking at;

- What are the important aspects of a role to you?
- How important is work life balance?
- Who are your influences which impact on your career decision making?
- Identifying and clarifying your career options.
- An assessment of your current skills and experience and how these relate to your preferred options.
- Giving you an awareness of all the opportunities available including training and education, labour market, alternative pathways and different structures of work.
- Identifying your short and long term career goals.

We will then work with you to develop a career plan outlining the steps you need to take towards achieving your short and long term career goals.

If required continued support is available to assist you with implementing the plan to progress towards your goals and address any obstacles if they arise.

The number of sessions required will depend on your requirements. For some it may just be a matter of identifying the need to obtain an extra licence, endorsement or computer training and then providing coaching through the process of securing employment. For others a more intense Career Management process may be beneficial to work through this cyclic process in order to achieve a positive outcome for you.